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Serving residential clients as well as small to medium-sized businesses, Tile & Grout Experts has the knowledge and skills to serve you right. We enjoy an excellent reputation with our clients (as evidenced by our great ratings on HomeAdvisor. So that you get exactly what you want, we make sure to communicate properly with all our clients. Our talented team will take care of all your tiling needs, including:

  • Re-Grouting
  • Re-Caulking
  • Cleaning
  • Ceilings
  • Stone Restoration
  • Tile Replacement
  • Water Damage Cleaning
  • Refreshing
  • Water Damage Repair
  • Stone Countertop Cleaning
  • Rehabilitating
  • Repairs
  • Refinishing

Cleaning Tiles

Dirty Shower Tiles

Clean Shower Tiles

Replacing Shower Tiles

New Shower Tiles

Tile & Grout Replacement

Over time, grout and tile will start to crack, rust, yellow, or just get dirty. Whether in your bathroom or kitchen, soap scum, water damage, and dirt are bound to affect your tiling. If need be, we will remove your grout and caulking with a diamond adhesive tool. The remaining areas will be vapor cleaned, killing all bacteria and sanitizing the whole area. New grout and caulking will be installed, making your tiling shine like never before.

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